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Science Resources Online for Young Children - General Science

ARS Science 4 Kids! - This website was made by the Agricultural Research Service (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture). There are no activities but many interesting articles about animals, insects, the environment, soil, scientists, high tech, weird science, microscopes, test tubes, aquaculture, transportation, nutrition, plants, and satellites. Interesting articles include Scientists Bioengineer Cow to Fight Bacteria, Scientists Explore Ways to Grow Food for Astronauts, and Using Bugs to Fight Bugs. Some pages have questions to be answered by kids.

Brain Pop Science - This site has over a hundred interesting and educational cartoons explaining everything from acceleration to wind. Favorites of mine include the Big Bang, eclipses, and Jupiter. While the level might be more suitable for junior high kids, many of these animations are suitable for younger kids (Brandon at age 3 loves the eclipse and Jupiter animations!). You can only see 2 animations at a time, then you will be asked to subscribe ($79 for a family - eek!). But you can go back anytime and see 2 more.

Enchanted Learning - This is a huge website with over 100 pages. Topics range from a picture dictionary (also available in other main world languages) with links to descriptions, tutorials and information on a huge variety of topics from Anatomy to Writing Activities (including major interest areas of science, geography, astronomy, etc.), calendars, crafts, themes and a special section for Preschool and Kindergarten Activities as well as one for K-3 Themes. Information is basic but interesting and there are many graphics as well as good links. The one negative thing I found was the advertising which comes on every page. By subscribing to the website for $20 a year you will get access to an ad-free site and printable activities. A worthwhile site that will takes days to get through!

Magic School Bus - A large site with a wide variety of learning experiences for young children. There are sections on the following topics; Games; Guided Tours (to Space, the Human Body, Marine Life, Animals, What on Earth?, Archeology, Insects, and Dinosaurs); Simple Science (links to "Try This Week's Experiment", games, the Lab Library (with many interesting but easy science experiments, for example "Collect Meteorites at the Beach"or "Make Your Own Natural Insecticides"); Parents & Teachers (activities designed for parents and teachers to do together with children); an A-Z theme index (sections on Animals, Motion & Forces, Life Science, Ecology/Environment, Physical Science, Space, Machines, and Other), each theme having its own sections of video excepts, book excerpts, lesson plans, and online interactive activities (which have some bugs); and sections on TV shows, books, and CD-Roms you can order from Scholastic, the publishing company behind The Magic School Bus. Many interesting activities, explanations, and experiments make this site a gold mine for the budding scientist.

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab - Here are easy, intermediate, and advanced experiments in astronomy, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Explore the principle of floatation in your own kitchen with just a bowl of water and some clay (this is one of the "easy" experiments). Or build a real live volcano if you are feeling like a bigger challenge. This site has small ads at the top that don't distract much.

This website was created by Jennifer Claro as a requirement for the graduate course Internet Resources and Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada. Last updated August 13, 2004.

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